Michael D. Usdan on “Building a Shared Agenda for Reform”

The NEA Foundation's 2012 Cross-Site Convening


On October 11-12, 2012, the NEA Foundation convened close to 200 leaders in education reform, with union-district leadership teams representing 20 communities, all part of our Closing the Achievement Gaps Initiative and our Institute for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

District-union collaboration around high-leverage change projects does not transpire in a vacuum. Local teams must consider present-day—and intensified—dynamics associated with expanded civic and community involvement in reform. Michael Usdan, past president and current senior fellow at the Institute for Educational Leadership, and co-editor and contributor to "Powerful Reforms with Shallow Roots: Improving America’s Urban Schools" opened the convening with framing insights drawn from his analysis of successful reform over the past 30 years. His remarks focused on the complexities, challenges, and promise of an expanded table of educational leadership.

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